To change your life you have to change habits. It’s all about finding balance. Health and fitness programs seem to be ever growing in popularity, but finding balance isn’t always easy and there is no step by step guide that is standard for every person on the planet to be healthy, happy and successful. Everyone is unique. That’s where a lifestyle coach can be key in making  the transformation into the lifestyle and health you’ve always wanted.

There’s a million health and lifestyle coaching programs on the internet these days, so what’s so different about this one?

Most programs are about making you give up the things that are not good for the body, however, there are two types of nourishment all of us need and the other type is nourishment of the mind.

 Stress can wreak havoc on the body, so keeping something you really love, feel  no guilt from and inserting it into your life in the right times and places can be very beneficial. You will discover what your non-negotiables are in the complimentary Discovery Session.

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I guess the biggest thing I was missing in making my habits last was a positive attitude on a regular basis to continuously remind me that ONE… I CAN do this… and TWO… to give me the missing pieces I needed to put everything together. Forever client. ❤


She makes me happy…

When I started the Total Body program, I was already a regular gym goer and had a good deal of information about nutrition. However, it seemed as though every Friday for the longest time, I’d say “I’ll get back on the health train with food next week.” By the time I was halfway through this program, I learned to take the knowledge I had of nutrition and instead of WHAT to apply, I learned HOW to apply it to my daily routine and THAT’s when I started to see major changes and my habits began to stick in a way they never had before.

M. Brown