30 Day Jumpstart Program

Save by paying for the month – $45.95 SALE  Originally priced at $85.95

 Easy weekly payments of $12 per week/session billed 48 hours prior to each session. 

Includes one 30 minute session per week, additional 30 minute sessions can be purchased for extra support and accountability. 

How are sessions delivered? Via phone, Skype or if you are local, in person sessions are available. 

 What you get- This is a more challenging step in your lifestyle habit change.

You’ll get the 14 Day Body Reset Cleanse (food based cleanse, no teas or juices) and now that you’ve got your Morning Movement routine down, we’ll dig deeper and work on managing time, stress and changing your relationship with food while continuing to help maintain your current healthy habits. 

We offer pay as you go options so if at any time, you decide that now is not the time in your life to continue to invest, there’s no hassle of cancellation or refunds. You keep everything you get from each session and simply respond to your weekly payment link in the “comments section” declining payment and continuation of the program. No questions asked.